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Services Offered

I currently offer both telehealth and limited in-person sessions

Areas I specialize in include:
Low Self-Esteem
Emotion dysregulation
Suicidal Ideation/Self Harming
Parenting Skills
School problems
Adjustment Disorder

Kids' Paintings

Child Therapy

Legs in Jeans

Teen Therapy

Image by Andrew Neel

Young Adult Therapy

Working Through Play

You may have heard that children express themselves through their play. This is the foundation of my work with your child. After a few sessions working with your child and your family, we will collaboratively create a treatment plan to guarantee sessions are goal oriented and working towards the changes you and your child would like to see. Together we will identify tools to support both you and your child while exploring art, games, activities and so much more. Guardian's may be asked to participate within the sessions at times. I currently work with kids ages 7 and up.

Meeting You or Your Teen Where They Are

Every teenager is different and has unique interests and goals. With this comes a variety in problems that they may face. Following a few sessions working with you or your teenager, we will collaboratively create a treatment plan to ensure guidance on reaching the set goals. Through you or or teen's interest that are identified, sessions will focus around processing and practicing skills to support you or your teen in whatever way is most helpful. For parents; per your teen's permission, you may be asked at times to participate in their session.

Discovering You

Transitioning from your late teens to early adulthood, completing whatever your next steps are and beyond, holds it own unique challenges. In session we will work together with figuring out what is holding you back from what you want to achieve.  Collaboratively we will create a treatment plan to help support your therapy goals and work rather weekly or every other week to help you be where you want to be.

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